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Hi, my name is Eric, I'm 25, and a weirdo, living in Philadelphia.

Oh, and I don't think many people use AIM anymore, but feel free to IM me at Edazer1987 if you ever want to talk outside of Tumblr.

I play piano, guitar, bass, and sing. I love all kinds of music but especially metal, post-rock, and shoegaze.
I'm a big video game nerd, I read often, and I am always thinking about something deeply. Feel free to follow me, but I cannot promise it will be remotely interesting.

I will be posting music (stuff that I've created, and stuff that I like), video game stuff, and just things I find beautiful/funny.


24th September 2012

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Me with my newish Dark Tower shirt… Please try to mind the whole… My face being in there, thing.Awesome shirt, though.Beautiful design by Megan Lara.  

Me with my newish Dark Tower shirt… 
Please try to mind the whole… My face being in there, thing.
Awesome shirt, though.
Beautiful design by Megan Lara.  

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